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Do or die.


SIDEBAR: Bear totally snuck out of the yard and walked into this pic. Originally, it was supposed to just be me standing in front of all my hard work. I know,
humble. But I was proud af of that order. That sneaky baby wanted a cameo, and tbh he made it perfect.

The imperfections, bumps, rolls, marks, internal and external scars, messy hair, never matching? Yea, I said, this is me. 

The burns, the cuts, the bruises, the broken hearts, they always feel like they're going to kill us. But time has it's way of moving on.

We survive. We live and we learn.

Inner strength will always show up when you need it most, believe that. We are some resilient ass powerful humans, believe that too.

The short and sweet of it is this...

You could sit around and wait for when you are "ready".
When you are your own definition of successful.
When your hair or outfit is perfect or when your body looks exactly how you've always wanted it to.
Or when you feel and look your best without picking yourself apart.
You could continue to look for validation in others but you'll remain empty because you know you won't find it outside yourself.
You could beat yourself up over failures or you could be your own best friend and celebrate each victory, big or small.
You could cling to situations you wish would have went differently or you could believe that there is something better in store for you.
You could wait for somebody to love and heal all of the mess that you are or you could just go ahead and do all of it yourself because nobody will ever do it better than you.
You could take all the rocks thrown at you and let them crush you or you could build yourself a beautiful castle.
You could hide the real you or you could just let her fucking live.

I prefer the latter.

Life is constantly challenging and changing us. Throwing us on our ass, and then picking us back up.

If I know one thing for sure, it's that pain comes from holding on to things that aren't ours to hold on to. The things that aren't meant for us.


The beauty comes when you let the kung fu grip go and let love and light back in. Let go with grace and dignity. You have to, above all, trust and believe that you are exactly where you need to be. And going where you need to go.

Know that things can change in a day, in a minute even. Practicing gratitude and a thankful, positive mind can take you places you didn't even know were an option. 

Above all, other voices don't matter. Outside, inside, whatever, they don't matter. It's the way you talk to yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself.

Live your life and do what you do, just remember to come back to you.

SIDEBAR: I didn't mean to rhyme.

I love you all an insane amount for never having met probably more than 90% of you. Thank you for riding on this journey with me.



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    I screen shotted this. Twice ♥️♥️

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