A bunch of Hocus Pocus [Part 2]

First and foremost, if you missed Part 1, I'm certainly not offended but HERE YA GO.

Any who, another rainy day in NJ. It's literally grey outside today. Between my skin tone and the weather, I feel like Bella Swan.

Something I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned...? I bartend on Sunday nights. I have been doing it for 4 years? I think? I mean, I've worked in the restaurant industry mostly every side hustle I've ever had since high school but I currently am still a 1 day a week bartender. 

With that said, Monday mornings (especially during football season) are usually a ride on the struggle bus for me. I'd say until at least around noon I look like this:


I used to drag myself out of bed early and be in a fog all day, which sucked, but I pushed through on a few hours of sleep and was usually dead by 8pm.

Well, I'm not 5 so that wasn't working out for me.

Now I've developed a new approach that doesn't make me feel like a newborn sloth or a giant cranky failure... it's called I just do what I can on Mondays.

Thankfully, most days I have the ability to work from home. I can make my own schedule and do so at my own pace. So, now on Mondays I start with the little things; answering Greeving emails, some of my other freelance work that is fun for me (website building, working on the kids books I publish, designing merch for local businesses, etc.), managing shipping, or yes- my blogs. Nothing too strenuous on the mind or body.

I remind myself that every step forward is still a step forward, even if it's a baby step. So what if I get started at 1pm instead of 8 or 9am. So what if I work until 10-11pm, I still get my shit done with some sanity to spare.

Bottom line, there is no sense in beating yourself up for not meeting some ridiculous standard you set for yourself. Do what you can and do it the best you can.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with pushing yourself but! you should also know when to downshift and how to prevent yourself from burning out. This is what is currently working for me.

Just because Angelina makes it look cool, going crazy or neglecting to listen to what your body needs isn't cool. #selfcare101

SIDEBAR: That twitch in the beginning is giving my creepy side life.

Without further rambling, I've been dying for a week to get back to these ridiculous AOL-ish Questionnaires I dug up.

SIDEBAR: Is it just me or does anyone else feel like a slave to the red squiggly spell check line? It's so bold, its so bossy and all while basically telling you GIRL YOU DUMB. Also, why does "questionnaire" have 2 n's? It looks weird. Boycotting that tyrant of a red line for the rest of this blog. Grammar and spelling police, continue at your own risk.

6. What is your song of the week?

If you follow me on Instagram, YOU KNOW I went to see A Star is Born last week. If you've been living under a rock since the 1930's, do yourself a favor and go see this. Run don't walk. And don't even read about it, just go sit in the damn theater and funnel your popcorn. OH, AND BRING TISSUES. You're welcome. 

SIDEBAR: I actually hate it when people tell me what to watch. The better they say it is, the less it makes me want to watch it. They set the bar so high and I have potential to end up disappointed. How do you know what I like? How do you know what I can handle on a binge sesh? It's kind of like that with restaurant recommendations too. Unless we've ate together before or I really know you or your palette, I really can't take your food advice. Regardless of this entire sidebar, do what I say and go see the movie. Message me after you do, we can cry together. 

7. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
Does sending a greeting card count? Because I do that all the time. There's this little company I know of, their cards are honest and spectacular and I really support them. JK. But to be honest, that's more than half of the reason I started Greeving Cards, because- does anybody even use the mail anymore? Everything is an email or a text. Don't you remember getting birthday cards in the mail? I'm not sure if it was the $5 from my 4'8" great aunt that used to spill out of the bottom or what but I always loved getting cards. Still do. Shameless plug, connect with your peoples and send them an unexpected smile by SENDING A CARD.

8. Have you ever won a spelling bee?
Just lol'd. TOP NOTCH SQUIGGLY RED LINE HARRASSMENT. No. But I won this Math Award in the 6th grade. Does that count for anything? Also pretty sure that award was my academic peak. Hence all the current red lines.

9. Fritos or Cheetos? Favorite flavor?

As far as flavors, they've come a long way but I might have to stick to my OG fav, Cool Ranch. Or those Sweet Chili ones. I can't even think of the last time I had a bag of Doritos. I say a bag because once that sucker is open, all my self control goes out the window. Without a doubt, it could be finished in well under 24 hours. The flavor filled residue they leave behind? SECOND TO NONE. Don't lick till you're done, it's like a reward for being a fat ass.

10. What's one thing all of your love interests have had in common?
FUNNY AF. I mean, if you aren't funnier than me and challenge my clap back skills, you really gotta go. I actually don't think there is one physical similarity between anyone I've ever dated. Only thing that is remotely close to being the same is their personalities.

SIDEBAR: Kinda interesting now that I'm thinking of it. I've also been pretty unsuccessful in love thus far in life so given this new relationship assessment, maybe I should reevaluate, funny guy.

 11. What is your favorite cliche saying?
"The best things in life aren't things." Self explanitory. 

SIDEBAR: Explanitory is spelled wrong. F YO SPELL CHECK.

12. If you could go back in time, where would you go?
50's, 60's or 70's. I would give anything in my power to have seen Frank Sinatra live. My grandparents used to own a restaurant in Jersey City, NJ and Frank's mom used to go in there... so we're basically related. Really though, both of my grandparents have since passed but I have pictures from their front row seats that my grandfather personally took that I ABSOLUTELY CHERISH beyond words. If my house was on fire (GOD FORBID) I would without a doubt grab the one I have framed on my shelf. Here it is in all it's glory. Heart eyes forever.

SIDEBAR: I went from Tupac to Sinatra, that explains a lot about me in itself so we can count that revelation as question #13.

Ok, last question because it's time to lay down with my pup and watch The Deuce I missed from last night. Because for some reason, there is always great TV on Sunday nights and I am never home to watch it. Actually, I know the reason... it's because NOBODY works on Sundays except for me and everyone is home to watch TV. Yes, no one. No one on the entire planet except me.

14. What are some of your quirks?
Aka, what makes me the weirdo I am.  
A. If I'm driving over a draw bridge, my windows need to be open.

SIDEBAR: Sure, I'll tell you why. Because if the bridge breaks while I'm on it and my truck lands in the water it'll be really hard to kick out the window with the pressure from the water outside of the car. And obviously the controllers inside will have shorted out because of the water and the last thing I want to do is drown. 

B. I prefer all of my volume controls on even numbers.
C. All of my hangers point in towards the closet.

SIDEBAR: Speaking of closets, NEVER sleep with the doors open. Your clothes will look like strangers standing in your room and you will die if you wake up in the middle of the night and make eye contact with them.

D. I like to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door. Unless I am sleeping alone, diagonal it is. Or realistically, wherever my 15lb meatball of a dog isn't laying and hogging up the bed snoring like the baby beast he is.

SIDEBAR: That was 2 weird sleep related things in a row. I watch way too many scary movies. Also, I clearly have a some subconscious fear that I'm going to get murdered in my sleep. Maybe I should work on that. Actually, the my first point about the bridge collapsing was about death too. Sick, sick, sicko.

E. My nail are ALWAYS painted. Never a chip in sight.  I know that sounds unrealistic but it's true. I do not gel either, that's too much commitment to 1 color and I don't like the way it grows out. Now before you assume I'm always put together (which I'm not sure anyone ever made that assumption) let me clarify that the rest of me is mostly a mess. For whatever reason, my hands are forever ready for a 4ct ring to be slipped on and have an impromptu engagement photoshoot. 

I think I'll stop here. That took an embarrassingly short amount of time to think of 5 weird things about myself.

Thanks for hangin.




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