21 Days of Summer.

You showed up with the dog bus but I saw you before.
Cute face in my timeline on some Cali tour.
I'd seen a few pictures and liked a few too.
Would never have thought you'd be callin' me boo.

Okay, full disclosure, here's how it went down...
I slid up in your DMs like a little clown.
Giggling and smiling, dead ass, from day one.
This wonderful man seemed second to none. 

First date I knew, I really wanted this.
Sat down by the water, let you steal a kiss.
Scared me to the core, these feelings brand new.
I've never in life met someone like you.

We bowled, sang Queen and ate some hot shrimp.
Met you at the gym, not tryin to blimp.
Slingshots and rides, some tears for the King.
I still can't believe I went on that swing!

Two Scorps in one house? Know this'll be fun.
Guess it's better off you don't have that gun.
Life can get hard but know I'll always try.
It'd be an honor to call you my guy. 

This connection we share is one for this book.
Just a few weeks, that's all that it took.
I don't know much but I'll tell you for sure,
My heart is involved. My intentions are pure. 

Enjoy every second I've spent here with you.
Thank you for EVERYTHING you say and do.
Want to be yours, I'm done being free.
Want you to be happy, hope happy means me. 

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