Death by Flu.

The first sign I'm sick is when I'm not hungry,
'Cause everyone knows that I'm a food junkie.
It happened so quick, no warning at all.
Next time at least text, don't even have to call.

Don't know who sent you, don't know why you came.
Just please go away. I'm begging. Okay?
Not tasting my food leaves me with a 'tude.
This taste in my mouth is also plain rude.

A sick little beastling, laid up in bed.
Totally horrid-- getting to my head.
And not to mention the looks of this skin,
Hello dehydration, you've clearly set in.

Miss waking up not drenched in sweat.
Told you I'm foul-- maybe I need a vet?
Mostly I miss breathing through my nose,
I'm actually bored of binge watching shows.

I'm freezing, I'm sweating, over and over.
Already annoyed that I am so sober.
Warmed this same mug 50 times today.
Me, ginger and lemon all starting to decay.

Don't know the date, day, year or time,
If my anger had energy I'd commit a crime.
Oh shit, heavy eyes. Think I gotta run...
Goodnight from my NyQuil, this ode is done.

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