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Posted on 08 March 2019


I was raised to believe there are certain things you don't talk about with others. While I am generally a private person, those specific things are mainly the following: who you voted for, who you pray to, and whether or not you smack your kids in the mouth when they're being horrible little assholes -AKA- how you raise them.

Before there's any confusion, I'm not saying I was raised not to talk about these things because I'm a girl. That isn't it.

All you need to do is take a scroll around social media to know there are triggers but to me, my list of no-no's are just hot issues I don't want to touch. The personal views attached to said issues contain extremely diverse and passionate truths important to each person.

In plain English, I'm not confrontational (unless you touch my face or food) and someone usually ends up pissed off. 

Why bother.

Speaking candidly,
1. I still won't ever publicly talk politics. That doesn't mean I'm ignorant to what's going on in the world, it just isn't my thing. I know things, I read things, I talk to my Dad, I have my own views, but I share them next to never or quite sparingly. And especially NOT on social media. You already know how I feel about that.
2. Your God is your business. Plus, I talk to birds. I am no one to judge who you believe in or what you think happens when we all die.
3. My mom smacked me.


As much as I consider myself opinionated, I never really considered myself a "feminist". Yes, I always spoke up when something wasn't fair to me, but, I also used to keep a lot of things inside. While that does tie into issues of self-confidence, it was rare that I publicly opened up about important issues or how they may effect me- until I started this blog.

No, you don't need a platform to have a voice but I guess it's evident that this is where I found mine.

Looking through my other 23 blog posts, I realized it's possible I might be a little more of a feminist than I thought. While I know a majority of these written, .gif filled entries are created from that fun-loving / deranged place in my mind, I have to say that throughout all of the chaos, tears and worrying I have worked through and typed out- I'm extremely proud that I found my voice. 

If something has made me feel less than in any way, I wrote about it. If I've experienced something that I know may have effected others, I wrote about it. I suddenly found this voice in my head who believes strongly in what I stand for and wants to share it. The feeling attached to sharing all of this can't be described as anything but, freeing.

No, I am not fighting in the front lines wearing a vagina costume, leading protests or even attending protests of any sort; but you don't have to be extreme to prove your supportive of a cause.

SIDEBAR + DISCLAIMER: There is absolutely no shade given or offered to anyone who attends above mentioned practices. There is also no shade given to anyone who doesn't support any of what I'm saying. TO EACH THEIR OWN. Every single one of us helps the world go round.

And that sidebar is exactly what is so special and inclusive about having your own voice... If you don't agree? SHARE WHAT YOU FEEL. What's important is doing what feels good and right for you. What drives you is where you can find your passion. What ignites you is your personal gift to the world. That is what's yours to share. On any level, on any subject, your view is yours and no one can take it from you.

I urge you to talk about your truth. To speak up when it comes to injustices and inequality you have felt or continue to feel. Anyone! On any subject! Or just about things you see and feel in this world. Your voice matters. Your thoughts, although they may seem small to you or just words on a computer screen, they have magnitude and power.

Not only will speaking up help you walk through the problem or pain, it will help someone else who may be experiencing the same thing. It will stir an awareness. Even if that awareness has spread to one person, believe that your voice has strength.

I know I always say this, but, even if my posts help one person, my soul feels complete along with the added bonus of helping myself feel better in the process. It will always help to vent.

And equally, you must be fair and to listen to others. (Unless they're asinine sounding assholes that make you feel like you'd rather Van Gogh yourself.) Understand and know that we are all operating based off our own truths. What and how we understand and feel effects how we act.

SIDEBAR: I never know if it's effect or affect? I must have been in my own world that day in school.


Basically- I just encourage you to join the discussion. Speak up. Be vulnerable. And most importantly, be yourself. Within your own self, your family, your friends, your tribe, whomever. That's how we connect. That's how we grow.

Be open, transparent. Being vulnerable and open is where freedom lives.

It's okay to talk about heartbreak.

It's okay to talk about your frustrations on inequality or sexism.

It's okay to talk about self love.

It's okay to be proud and remind yourself of your strengths.

It's okay to be your own best friend and not feel guilty about it.

It's okay to be empathetic and flawed.

It's okay to unplug and recharge.

It's okay to fight for what you believe in.

It's also okay to drink a bottle of wine tonight on your couch.





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  • Lexy: March 09, 2019

    I also talk to birds…. & want to Van Gogh myself at least once a day

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