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Hi boos!
If you're new here, Hey girl hey, I'm Robyn- nice to meet you! If you returning, thanks for coming back to read more rambles and what's poppin' boo!? We've talked about this before but when I started Greeving Cards, I only wanted to make cards (hence the name). I remember vividly searching all around CVS on Father's Day (sorry, Dad) and never EVER finding a card that related to my life / my relationship with my Dad. My sister and I always made a joke of it but it sucked. One day in an effort to communicate, I started making my own...

Fast forward years, college graduation, lame jobs, covered in fear and with the help of a friend, I DOVE IN. It's pretty unnerving to display your inner truths... whether a card or a meme! However, within the growth of our social media we branched far out beyond greeting cards into the brand Greeving Cards is today. 

SIDEBAR: When I say "we", yes I do have a partner. He, yes he... Jay is quite possibly my very best friend in the man world and maybe even the entire world too.  I have known him for over 10 years and there really is nobody that knows me better. If I'm honest, you cay say we have some definate history but it's an even bigger testament to his character he still tolerates me and remains one of my closets friends to this day. You know when you have that person in your life that you can't lie to because they know you too well? That's him. That could be annoying but in my old sensitive age, I appreciate the shit out of it. Wanna be my friend? No sugar coating, that's what I like. I suppose he is technically defined as a "silent partner" which allows me my creative freedom (#controlfreak) but also allows my other 61 crazy personalities a lot of support. I would be lying if I said I didn't bounce all my ideas off him. Thankfully, he puts me in my place when I need it and thankfully part 2 he's has the same sense of humor and is as honest as I am so if he laughs at something I know it's pretty legit. Long story short, I'd probably be in a ball of tears and Dorito crumbs somewhere without him. Hey homie!

SIDEBAR 2: This pic was taken a few years ago at an event that I LOVE in Montclair, NJ. I'm telling you all of this because if you live in North Jersey / New Jersey / somewhere in the area, we're here again on Saturday May 12th! So save the date and some hang. There's food, drinks, shopping, henna and a bunch of shit for kids AND US. Come say hi! >>

With that said, after the "branching" (mugs, clothes, bags, etc.) we decided it's best to slide back around to my what really feels like home, OUR CARDS. If I'm being honest and vulnerable... which I am all day long lately and frankly it's getting pretty exhausting... I was really worried about shifting my focus. I actually worry about worrying about worrying but sometimes you just have to shut that shit down and do what feels right. Right now at this point in my life, writing these blogs feels right and >>> THIS <<< feels extra right! So does binging Sons of Anarchy and laying around in 3x sweatshirts with no pants but that's neither here nor there.

SIDEBAR: I have 3 EPISODES LEFT of Sons. Just 3! I promised my handsome manfriend I wouldn't watch anything without him once we hit Season 6 so that's why I'm not binging as we speak because I'm home tonight. 

SIDEBAR 2: Is that fair to do to someone? Not watch a show without someone else? What if our schedules are different? What if I have more binge-power than you? Is that a common argument / lie in relationships? Because I feel like it literally has to be. It def is. But to be honest, this particular show feels a little bittersweet so I kind of don't mind stretching it out. I'm not sure I can even put into words how much I'm going to miss Jax's face. Where does the love go when the show ends!!! **PLOT SPOILER** but I kind of have a feeling he dies and I am NOT ready for it. Insert 209841 cry face emojis and pass me the tissues.


But back to the point, (my GOD I can not stop looking at that pic up there it's so distracting. I honestly wonder what I would look like if I just stuck to a workout routine. ) you just gotta follow the crazy passion when it leads you! Those voices in my head are actually pretty smart sometimes.

Without further rambles, the beginning of my crazy passion followed:

   Inside: [congrats on tying the knot]   

   Inside: [thank you]     

  Inside: [yay, you're pregnant!]

  Inside: [i really like you]

  Inside: [i really like you]

  Inside: [congrats on your bundle of joy]

   And some Mother's Day truths...
  Inside: [happy mother's day]

I literally could not be happier or more grateful that you guys are on this journey with me. As long as I'm living, breathing and typing I will always encourage you to stand up, speak up and I hope you encourage the people around you to do the same. The truth is empowering. Period. The people who agree with your truth (or laugh at your silly cards), they are your tribe. Find them, love them and be good to them.

Life is so short. Do what you love and put your all into it. Your passion is your purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my crazy little heart for giggling at mine.

See You Next Tuesday :)




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