And, We'll Never Be "Cool".

Posted on 19 November 2019

Dear The Toxic Narcissist who saved my life,

Thank you for being exactly who you are in this world.
Thank you for crossing my path and making your way into my life.
Thank you for playing the poignant role you did in it.
Thank you for treating me exactly the way you did.
Thank you for showing me that red flags are not to be ignored.
Thank you for continually showing me all the ways to never treat someone.
Thank you for helping me realize how important it not only is to have boundaries, but how important it is to enforce them.
Thank you for being Exhibit A-Z in proving that liars are just phonies and losers who are scared of the truth.
Thank you for abandoning me when I was foolish enough to think I’d ever need anyone more than I would ever need myself.
Thank you for thoroughly showing me that loyalty is expensive and you can’t get it from cheap, corny people.
Thank you for never owning up to anything and making me fully understand all the manipulation and warning signs of a narcissistic psychopath.
Thank you for opening my eyes to how much better life is when you leave behind things that aren’t meant for you.
Thank you for making me realize exactly how strong I literally fucking am.
Thank you for being the spark that lit the fire I feel in me every day.
Thank you for completely crushing me so I had the opportunity to rebuild myself.
Thank you for teaching me the importance of knowing your worth as well as the importance of unknowing anyone who doesn’t.
Thank you for the ability to see firsthand the true understanding of the word "karma".
Thank you for doing your best to move on with someone else who’s going to make your life the living hell you deserve.
Most importantly, thank you for giving me the space I needed to see all of this... even though you never really had a choice because I blocked your heinous, toxic ass in every possible way you could be blocked aside from this beautiful blog.
Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK/FUCK YOU.

Ps. You're so vain. I bet you think this post is about you.
Pps. Hope this satisfies the reaction you've been dying to get out of me for the last 2 years. Take my advice and do not bark up this fucking tree, ever the fuck again.


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  • Kaytee: November 20, 2019

    Take care, brush ya hair ✌🏻

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