4: Capital W-O-M-A-N.

In honor of International Women's Day on 3.8.18, LET'S GET REAL.
Confession: I am 32 years old and sometimes I still feel like a girl.  

I'm not sure if it's because I call everyone "GURRRL"? Or because I'm a secret softy? Or because I'm my own worst critic? Because I'm young at heart? Crazy? Because I still cry at those "adopt this puppy in this dirty crate" commercials? Or maybe it's because I just came back from Disney for the 3rd time in 2 years?



Sidebar: If you're thinking I look drunk, I am. This was the day I had Bloody Mary's for breakfast at 9:30am and was in Epcot drinking around the world. Wait, that's actually the perfect description of me: DRUNK SELFIES WITH MINNIE MOUSE.

It's not to say I'm irresponsible (which I am sometimes) or lazy (which I also am most times) or insecure (which yup, that too) or ever selfish, arrogant, disrespectful to the successes of other WOMEN, or lack any qualities I see in a WOMAN. If I'm being honest, I just mean that maybe there are countable times in life I've actually felt like a WOMAN in control vs. a blind girl navigating her way so I've been actively trying to switch that up / see things differently.

Do you feel me on that?

So let's play a game that I REALLY WANT YOU play too.
Shall we start?


1. Talk about my business.
It's rare that I jump right in and am the leader in a convo, esp one all about me. But I feel extreme pride and feel myself stand up taller (chronic sloucher / computer nerd) as soon as I talk about Greeving. I get this *Sasha Fierce dressed in a glitter bodysuit launched into a wind tunnel mentality* that flows through my entire bod. (I should really learn how to bottle that up and keep it. Hmm, patent? I'll have to call B.

Sidebar: Could you legit imagine even being able to nail that head / pony whip?
 She is just something that doesn't exist in the real world.

2. Leave situations that are no longer benefitting me / SAY NO. 
This means any job, relationship, anything! Standing up for yourself is not being a bitch. Saying no is not being a bitch. I REPEAT: SAYING NO IS NOT BEING A BITCH. You boos do know (if you've read my last blog) I went through an ugly break up last year.

Normally, I would hate for him to read this (because I know he will) and think that I keep referencing this situation but we've all been there and I do finally see the positive in it. I know I am a stronger WOMAN because of it so how could I not be grateful to a situation I thought ruined me when it actually saved me. We've all had our hearts smashed by someone we thought would never smash anything of ours. We've all cried and cried and cried. We've dug deeper and deeper and deeper while it seems like an endless search to put the broken pieces back together and find any remains of yourself.

Sidebar: If you are going through this right now I want to tell you 4 things:
1. There is no day on a calendar or day where you can decide you're just over it but all of sudden THE FOG LIFTS so be patient and kind to yourself.
2. Sadly, life could always be worse.
3: (Which is my new life rule) WHATEVER COMES, LET IT COME. WHATEVER GOES, LET IT GO.
If you need some direction in the meantime, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO ASK THE WOMAN WHO SAVED MY LIFE. #NotAnAd

But like I said, one day it just lifts. Because at the end of the day, anything and everything you're going through will always get better with time. The day you come out the other side and become aware of your own strength I promise you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

3. Am 100% authentically myself. 
This quality probably took 30 of the 32 years I've been around to develop. Obvi certain personality traits are always there (being opinionated, stubborn, my interests, etc.) but the days of things like trying to please everyone or putting others before myself have really come to an
end. There is a way to put yourself first and not be a selfish asshole. Being self aware, showing self care and self love ARE NOT selfish qualities. I know you know that but, REALLY know it. 

Sidebar: Speaking of Ashley or Oprah, BODY POSITIVITY and CONFIDENCE.  So important but we can touch on that later. Because on that note too, it's lunch time and THIS WOMAN IS HUNGRY.

If we're lucky, we'll all be students of life for a long time and will never lose the ability to keep learning and growing. Why not make someone else's journey easier by reaching out and helping another woman rise by sharing your own truth? I would love, love, LOVE to hear you finish the same sentence.

Support, help and learn from each other. That's what we're here for.



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    Love this post. Very empowering. Keep It up pal . . .


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