Sorry Dad, but I must admit, the media has gotten to me. I found myself nervous and anxious yesterday to leave the house and do every day things. The time I did spend out, I was extra cautious of the self-checkout machines, door handles, contact with strangers, protecting my personal space, you name it. I even wore a big scarf and hid my mouth and nose under it if / when I wanted to. I touched my own fingertip to my own lips and thoroughly skeeved myself out.

SIDEBAR: I also sneezed OUTSIDE in the Target parking lot and got the hardest side eye I'd seen in a while from a teenage girl. I don't necessarily blame her, but that face hit different.

Sidebar and side eye aside, I couldn't ignore the feeling of fear in everyone. Fear of walking around in public, doing the things we do every single day / week and worrying if we're going to come in contact with this media infected virus. While, no, I have not participated in the TP / Lysol / Hand sanitizer shortage across America, I have been in stores for everyday items and the empty shelves are alarming.

SIDEBAR: It's the way people are handling all of this that has been what's really freaking me out. Not to mention, and what I've been saying from Day 1; what was everyone doing in terms of hygiene before this pandemic? Also, hopefully your newfound awareness in the importance of hand washing will carry with you when life goes back to normal.

By no means do I claim to be an expert in anything, what I do know is-- panicking will not fucking help. Neither will panic buying.

Before we go any further, the step before the step is to stop panicking. You have to, no matter what's going on and how bad you think it is, breathe.

Now, in no particular order besides the first point, here are my personal Top 10 Recommendations to help you stay sane in this world we're currently living in:

1. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE / TURN OFF THE NEWS. Seriously. I'm aware you're reading this via your phone, so does seem partially hypocritical, but really, until you're done at least turn off the news. If I didn't sit down with the intent to write today, I would end the list here. Straight up, one and done.

2. READ #1 AGAIN. I'm still working through this list in my head as I type. So, repeating the most important point seemed helpful, crucial, and not at all a waste of time.

3. MOVE YOUR BODY; WALK, RUN, SKIP, STRETCH, ELECTRIC SLIDE, OR MOONWALK. This is pretty a standard practice and should be done daily, but nevertheless, especially now that we should be staying home. Just move. Do it alone, do it inside, do it outside, take your dog with you, Facetime a friend, just move. Also, there is no need to panic that your gym is closed. It's 2020, there are plenty of ways to exercise outside a gym., it's free. You is smart. You is strong. You is going to be okay on your own. 

SIDEBAR: Social distancing is the most amazing term and my favorite thing I've learned out of this mess so far. As a woman who's been practicing for a time like this her whole life, I am an avid supporter of social distancing. With that said, I never knew what I was doing had a definition, but now that I do, game on. I 100% plan on keeping this term with me from this day forward.

4. ADOPT A DOG TO LOVE AND TALK TO. Dog, cat, guinea pig, whatever. Not everyone is so lucky to have a home to be quarantined in. NEXT. Because I'll cry right now.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Personally speaking, this is my main plan. Keep your routine but lighten the strictness a little. Do that deep conditioning treatment for your hair that you've been putting off. Fix your resume, light a candle, cook yourself your favorite meal. Clean out your closet, donate what you can, and clean it again. Hoarder ass. Sleep late if you want. Do your work. Don't wear any makeup, give your skin a break. While you're at it, take a break from using heat on your hair. Paint your own nails, shave your wintery body, moisturize, drink a TON of water, take your vitamins, do things that make you feel good. Start those exercises you have saved in your phone, unfollow the virus' / people who won't shut up about this virus, ALL OF IT. DO IT.  Listen to yourself, listen to your body, and give it what it needs. Just don't cut your own bangs, I promise, it isn't that bad. 

6. CHECK ON YOUR PEOPLE. Send someone a .gif or a picture of your dog. See if your friends with kids need anything. Check on your friend in the service industry who hates their job but right now doesn't have one. Share smiles and spread some fucking love.

7. (IF YOU CAN'T DO #1) DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT LISTEN TO EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE SHARES. If you absolutely can't stay off social media or stop watching the news, at least know half of the people that are contributing to sharing this hysteria are reacting based on fear. Some people are a hybrid of fear AND pushing a political agenda. One thing they all have in common is that ALL of them are not helping. I blame the media, all the time, and now is no different. STOP LISTENING. Stop feeding into what the masses are doing. Just because Janet, Tracy and Karen all fell down the clickbait rabbit hole and shared a post from the ever so reputable Daily Mail, it doesn't mean you have to believe what was shared. And then share it too. Doubling exposure of irresponsible journalism and spreading more panic with your big mouth too. And for the love of God- Janet, Tracy and Karen: This isn't fucking 1997. You don't have to forward everything you see. Your Mom's first cousin's dog's rabbit will not get hit by a rolling garbage can and die in a fire if you don't share. FACTS. Stop feeding the fucking frenzy. MORE FACTS.

SIDEBAR: I had to stop myself somewhere before I ended up real off track. #7 is a fucking trigger.

8. COOK YOUR WORRIES AWAY. This kinda falls under #5 but, I'm trying to keep it light here. And let's get real, food helps everything. I made these dummy proof peanut butter cookies last night with just 3 ingredients. Major delish, major impressed.

** Preheat your oven to 350, mix 1 egg, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 1 cup of brown sugar. (I added a little sea salt and cinnamon because I'm clever like that) and bake for 12mins. I also added a few chocolate chips on top around 10mins in. You're so welcome. And feel free to slide in my DMs with a recipe of your own.

9. DO SOMETHING LIGHTHEARTED. Pretend you're 7 and just laugh a little. Watch some Disney, sing loud, dust off your Nintendo, play cards, do a puzzle, play a board game, TALK to the people you live with about life before Corona. Here's a game to play, just stop saying the word Corona. Honestly, we're gonna make it.

10. JUST STAY YOUR ASS HOME. We can only control ourselves, our own feelings, our own fears, and our reactions. Be mindful, stay safe and just stay home.

That's really all I got for ya.

Stay out of the news, mind your business, drink water, worry about yourself, your skin & your sanity, don't panic, keep up with your hygiene, and keep kissing your dog. (They are not carriers.)




PS. IF YOU WANT TO SHOP AT GREEVINGCARDS.COM USE CODE STAYHOME AT CHECKOUT TO GET FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. I'm just trying to put a smile on your face. I'm also not sure what else I can do from behind this computer.

PPS. Sending love to everyone who doesn't have an option to work from home. All medical professionals, cops, firemen, security, my boyfriend in my mind, all retail, pharmacies, etc... You the real MVPs. 

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