Posted on 13 February 2018

Not in the mood.

I'm having a day. For no reason at all so I'm not even going to make an excuse. When I woke up today this day just felt like a weird extension of a bad Monday. Not all Mondays are bad but sometimes it happens. Maybe it's the moon?


Sometimes what it all comes down to for me is- life is just crazy and you have to remember how to balance the voices inside your head vs reality. People are crazy, work is crazy. I mean, I just said I had voices in my head so you know I'm crazy. My hair is a mess. Sometimes all I want to do is eat carbs in bed and hug my dog while he tries to escape away from my death grip. 

Well, if you're still reading my grievances...

SIDEBAR: GREEVING CARDS = greeting + grievance

...I'm done so thanks for listening and I want you to know I automatically think you're pretty and cool for being here with me. Without further rambling I would just like to say on the record that- I'm clearly starting to write up in here.

I had always thought to myself from the beginning, 2 years ago (WOW 2 years!) when I started all of this that I would keep it everything but personal and never post anything directly about me. Well what can I say... life changes, people change and feelings change. Besides, looking back at all of my posts, products, progression / digression, ups / downs, all of it is anything but not personal. Did that make sense?

With that said, if you follow along which I would make me adore you more than I already do, you'll get to know the crazy head behind the posts, products and brand I hope you've come to love as much as I have loved growing and sharing with you all.

Legit Jessie Spano excited to talk to you all soon and see where these blogs, topics or rants can take us. 


PS. I love run-on sentences. Catch me if you can.

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