our story

In March 2015, an Instagram page was created to play with the idea of starting a small greeting card company. One magical hungover Sunday morning, a @greevingcards meme was reposted by @betches (where I fan-girled so hard I almost fell down a flight of uncarpeted stairs.) The later memes turned into new products and the idea to expand the brand beyond greeting cards. Two years later with 50,000+ more people than I could have ever thought would want to hear my opinion on life, the rest is a dream come true for me. A meme and a dream, literally.

GREEVING CARDS is a New Jersey based brand made by a girl who was born in the 80s but created in the 90s.  Her life has been influenced by major pop culture movements and important social issues like Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in Romeo + Juliet and Rachel Green’s ever-evolving flawless hair. A normal day starts with big cups of coffee on top of to-do lists / stuff that's been procrastinated and ends in bed too late with "5 more minutes" on any given Google search. I have made it my mission to live honestly, say the stuff nobody else will (minus my personal thoughts on politics and or religion because Mama ain't raise no fool) and laugh a lot along the way.
We're not here to offend you so if your feelings get hurt you might be the problem. Jk, ily.